Marchant School of Motoring

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8 Causewayhead Road

Phone: 07966 393410


Driving Schools in Stirling , Causewayhead Road in Stirling

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Gold starGold starGold starGold starGold star by (Dunblane) on 4 March 2011
Firstly the level of professionalism with which Gareth approached every lesson was really comforting. I could tell this was not only his job but his passion. The attention to detail and his patient explanations of even my daftest questions really set me at ease and allowed me to develop at a good speed. I ended up passing after about 12 or 15 hour-and-a-half lessons. That was with next to no personal training time - I just learnt with Gareth. What is more, I have actually turned out a pretty good driver. After a couple of lessons, it becomes clear that Gareth has been doing this at the highest level for quite some time. His lessons are paced appropriately and always involve the right amount of practice and new techniques. His pricing is extremely competitive and always felt like exceptional value for money. With so many people offering driving lessons in and around Stirling, I was pleased that I managed to find the Marchant School of Motoring. Just as an additional, I got the distinct impression from other instructors and even the people at the test centre, that Gareth was an extremely popular and well thought of individual. That has to be a good thing! (5/5)

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